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Artificial intelligence to advance future and humanity

We make the impossible possible, from an idea a reality, and from success a future

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

You can contact us in order to coordinate the work of your project or application


Artificial intelligence and machine learning application building service

Blockchain and Dapps

Anything related to the Blockchain and its networks or applications on the Ethereum, Binance chain , Solana, etc.

Data analysis 

We have services related to analyzing and simplifying large and complex data and building automated trading systems

Full app , programs , scripts and websites 

We have a service of building applications, websites and games to any idea you have that can be turned into reality

The definitive guide for successful Artificial intelligence transformation

One of our apps that support crypto , stocks and forex market 


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Decoding hiding pattern 
Spot the pattern , treat the cancer

We have developed AI tools to aid screening tests for several kinds of cancer, including breast cancer. AI-based computer programs have been used to help doctors interpret mammograms and we developing them for over 3 years and research in this area is quickly evolving.

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using a routine X-RAY and blood for early cancer detection 

Auto Reg Drive Detections

If data-labeling companies like XLab Research have to re-do the same kind of work for multiple autonomous driving companies, the really important stuff—the weird edge cases—might get missed.

Auto Reg Drive Detections

swarms of sugar-happy children, sparkler laden teens, and buzzed, burger-full adults crowd the streets in cities across the US. They stagger in packs, waving flags and wearing flags, acting, and let’s not mince words here. Why not? Many have the day off, and maybe the day after off, too. Add fireworks, and you have the makings of a very good time.

Unless you’re a self-driving car developer, in which case you have the makings of a nightmare. See, on most days of the year, walkers act fairly predictably. They wait at crosswalks for their light. Or they don’t, and make little dashes across the street. Normal, everyday stuff—that’s what the systems that run autonomous vehicles are trained to handle. But if people act erratically, wandering about the lanes in ways they usually don’t, the cars can get confused.

So if you are that self-driving car developer, encountering Fourth of July for the very first time, you might pay for the services of a new breed of data labeling company, like XLab Research . XLab’s automated systems, helped along by somewhere north of 100,000 contract workers, examine and label the data collected by autonomous vehicles as they run tests on China roads. Those labels, in turn, help the car’s software train to recognize particular situations next time they occurs.


Detection & Treatment

Arming physicians with powerful blood tests to find cancer earlier and fight it more effectively


Cancer Biology

Analyzing fragments of DNA,RNA, proteins and other biomarkers circulating in blood plasma 


Artificial Intelligence

Decoding the billions of complex patterns associated with the body's response to specific tumor types 

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